Hemlock Water-dropwort Remedy / Essence Oenanthe crocata

£ 6.50 each Weight: 50 g


Hemlock Water dropsy

Flower Remedy for mRNA Vaccine Shedding


After human vaccination up to five hundred billion (half a trillion) cells will be instructed to produce a specific protein called the spike protein by the genetically coded messenger RNA.  Through genetic manipulation of proline amino acids, the messenger RNA instructs the cell to produce stiffer than normal protein for the protein spike.  Proline is a protein used by the body in the manufacture of skin and bone tissue.  Natural protein is softer than the spike protein with the ability to fold, which is crucial for the assimilation of protein into the body.  Because of the manipulation of proline amino acids, the spike protein does not fold and therefore is not readily assimilated into the body.  (Protein that folds does not trigger the immune system and therefore is of little use for vaccine makers.)  Furthermore, through abnormal coding inserted into the messenger RNA, all the cells have been instructed to produce up to one thousand times more protein than they would normally produce.

With regard to vaccine shedding: the abnormally stiff and large amount of proteins the body produces and is unable to assimilate, need to be released and the body will shed the spike proteins through all its orifices, including the skin. 

Hemlock brings the healing of nature to these abnormal proteins.   It lessens the toxicity of vaccine generated spike-proteins by softening the protein so it can better be assimilated into the body.

Hemlock Water dropsy is a notoriously poisonous plant.  The mother tincture was made by boiling the flower heads during a solar eclipse.  An added level of dilution has been added to the making of the remedy to avoid any toxicity reaching the stock level of dilution. 

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