Extracts from ‘A Guide to the Chakra Flower Essences'


Four drops can be taken from the stock bottles directly onto the tongue or in a hot or cold drink (carbonated drinks are the only drinks which are not suitable for use). The standard dose is 4 drops four times daily. An alternative method is the purchase of a 30 ml. dropper bottle (available on our website) into which a small amount of brandy, cinder vinegar or vegetable glycerine is poured. The bottle is then topped up with mineral water (avoid the use of tap water). This is termed the dosage bottle. To the dosage bottle 4 drops from the chosen stock bottles can be added (no more than 8 different remedies are recommended at one time). Once the dosage bottle has been prepared, 4 drops four times daily can now be placed on the tongue. Using flower remedies at the dosage level of dilution presents an ideal solution for those who do not wish to consume alcohol, even the small amount of four drops in a cup of tea or coffee.

Take the first dose in the morning, the fourth when you retire to bed and space the other doses throughout the day as evenly as possible. A good time to take the remedies is prior to eating when the stomach is empty, but it is fine to take the drops straight after a meal, or any time that proves convenient.


All flower remedies are self-adjusting, meaning their healing will work at whatever level the individual requires or is able to accept. We can trust the flower remedies to find the depth of healing we need and work at that level. One well-voiced fear is that by taking flower remedies we may well suffer a healing crisis, have to get a lot worse before returning to health. Such a pattern is common to many holistic approaches to healing but not flower remedies for the remedies adjust to the needs of our being. However, some of us do need a deep and cathartic release and flower remedies will also work in this way if the need is there.

The fact that flower remedies are self-adjusting influences the dosage. As stated the standard dose is 4 drops, 4 times daily. Start off by adhering to this dose but bear in mind that it is only meant as a rule of thumb. The dosage is also self-adjusting: you will find yourself remembering to take the remedies when you need to. Do not worry if you are not taking the remedies 4 times a day, this means you do not need to take them that often. You may also feel the desire to take them more often, this too is perfectly acceptable. Allowing your body to dictate the frequency of the dose will result in an accurate dosage level. 

Frequency of Dosage

Flower remedies needs to be viewed from a different perspective than drug based medicines where more powerful doses are administered by increasing the physical quantity of the medicine. It is not the quantity of the dose which determines the potency of a flower remedy but the frequency it is taken. It is not how much of the essences we take but the frequency of the dose which makes them more powerful. Drinking a whole bottle has the same effect as taking four drops. Taking one drop every hour is a much more powerful dose than taking four drops every four hours. The use of 4 drops in the standard dose could be changed to one, two or even three drops for it is the fact that the flower remedies are taken 4 times daily which is of importance, not the quantity of liquid taken. The convention of using 4 drops is of psychological benefit; numerologically 4 is a stable, firm and reliable number, one that can be trusted. The frequency of dosage allows us to adjust the potency of the flower remedies we are taking.