Orange Hawkweed Flower Remedy / Essence Hieracium aurantiacum

£ 6.50 each Weight: 50 g


This flower remedy works on spiritualising the sacral chakra.  It has the ability to raise, refine and expand the more basic or animalistic aspects of this chakra.  Those who would benefit from its use require a clearer and healthier attitude to their own sexuality.  They may be overly focused on the physical sexual act at the expense of the higher aspects of love and union with another.  They may be an obsession with sex, shame, guilt or other difficult emotions which cloud the ability to make deep and meaningful sexually intimate relationships.  Those who are overly aggressive in their pursuits and practice of sex would benefit from Orange Hawkweed. 

When the energy of the sacral chakra expands throughout all the layers of the auric field it moves consciousness away from self-centred desire to fully include the desires and wishes of others.  Those who have experienced or committed sexual acts of violence would benefit from this remedy.  The remedy can further be used within sexual relationships partnerships to bring the partners closer together and enhance their experiences of love-making.

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