The Mental Body


Sandwiched below the spiritual body and above emotional body lies the mental body. Like the emotional, the mental body varies considerably in size depending on the mental activity of the individual. The energy in the mental layers of the aura is of a higher and quicker nature than in the emotional, but slower and more dense than the spiritual. The colours are lighter and less dense than those of the emotional body. Those who let their emotions cloud their judgement have an emotional body extending into the mental body. Conversely those who suppress their emotions and attempt to define everything by logical and rational rules have a mental body over-extending into the emotional body. Many dis-eases will initially manifest in either the mental or emotional bodies as mental or emotional suffering before descending down to the etheric and eventually manifesting in the physical. It is therefore much better, if at all possible, to treat dysfunctional energetic patterns in the higher levels of the aura before the dysfunctions become more dense and require a more invasive form of therapy than flower or other vibrational medicines. The flower remedy that impacts very strongly on the mental body is nasturtium. Nasturtium is also used to balance the brow chakra.

Brow chakra
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