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Celandine Flower Essence – The Throat Chakra

The throat chakra is connected to the organs of communication, vocal cords, mouth, tonsils, trachea, etc. This chakra is concerned with our ability to communicate, speak our truth and freely express ourselves. Blockages in this centre are all too common, for to say what we really mean, express our thoughts and feelings in whatever language is appropriate, can leave us open to many forms of criticism and abuse.  There is something stifling within all human societies, the wagging tongues disapproving of anyone stepping outside permitted limitations of “acceptable” and “normal” behaviour. How many of us say things we do not mean or believe in order to tow the line or not rock the boat? How much easier is it to tell a white lie rather than speak the truth? Is there not a mechanism in the collective that favours false, rather than true, statements? In our culture free speech is an honoured tradition yet so difficult to attain. Right from the beginning of life dummies have been stuffed in our mouths to prevent expression of our will.

The throat is the narrowest part of the physical body so perhaps it is not so surprising that blockages in this chakra are common. As the energy circulates up the central column that runs the length of the body, it has to be carefully channelled through the throat chakra, otherwise a bottleneck occurs. The lesson of the throat chakra is selfexpression, to learn how to express ourselves in a way which does not compromise any of the other charkas – an over-developed fifth chakra can be just as unbalanced as one under-developed. A blocked fifth chakra could well manifest as a tendency towards gossip, criticism, exaggeration, ill-informed comments and scaremongering.  The flower essence to use on the throat chakra is celandine. Lesser celandine, ranunculus ficaria, is used rather than greater celandine, which is of a different genus. Celandine grows in profusion in damp meadows and its small, star-shaped, shiny yellow flowers can transform the green fields into yellow beds during the spring. The shape of the flower resembles the energies of the throat chakra when we are singing or shouting for joy. Singers, actors and all of us who have to speak in publicwill gain from the use of this flower essence, which heals the blockages preventing us from speaking.

£ 6.50 each Celandine flower essence / remedy Ranunculus ficaria

This flower essence is used to stimulate the Throat Chakra.  Refer to Chakra Flower Essences for full details.

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