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‘A Guide to the Chakra Flower Essences’

Comrey Flower Essence

The Root Chakra

The root is fundamental to nature, the foundations upon which everything else is constructed. The root chakra deals with our most primordial issue, the instinctive drive for survival and safety. Anger and violence reside in this chakra, for many forms of aggression are a direct result of feeling insecure and vulnerable. Anxieties concerning our personal safety, health or mortality are also going to be found in the root chakra, as are any fears about our ability to provide the necessities of life for ourselves or our family.

This chakra is the first and contains within it all our primary needs. It is concerned with our basic sense of safety and security and is the first chakra we use after birth in our bid for survival. This chakra is the seat of incarnation, the beginning of life on Earth. The root chakra, as the name implies, is our connection with the Earth; more than any other this chakra is responsible for keeping us here in the physical body.  The root chakra not only grounds us but brings realism, practicality and the ability to concentrate and act in the physical world.

If the root chakra is not functioning properly, any of these concerns can become problematic: not feeling as if we belong; difficulties with day-to-day living; feeling unsupported; disorientation and lack of motivation.

Physically the root is connected to the bowels, anus and rectum and governs all the body’s eliminative processes. The adrenal glands are also connected to this chakra as are the lower parts of the body, especially the legs.

The flower essence used to treat  imbalances of the root chakra is comfrey.

Root chakra
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