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Daffodil Flower Essence – The Crown Chakra

Certain Hindu texts liken the charkas to lotus flowers. The root chakra has 4 petals, the sacral 6, the solar plexus 10, the heart 12, the throat 16 and the brow 20. The increase in petals points to the fact that the higher the chakra, the higher its rate of vibration; the upper charkas have a more spiritual and refined energy than the lower ones. The crown chakra is described as a thousand-petalled lotus and is concerned with the most spiritual energies our body is capable of using. The crown chakra is the interface between our own consciousness and the higher intelligences in the spirit worlds. It is our connection to all the spiritual dimensions. Spiritual or cosmic energy has to enter and leave our being through this chakra and it is thus an extremely important centre for any form of spiritual practice.

Our connection with spirit is found in the crown chakra, so if there are any problems in the area of our faith or belief they will show up in this chakra. All forms of spiritual/religious activity stimulate the crown. Although many of us live without belief in God or spirit, this does not preclude us from possessing an active crown chakra as we all quest for a meaning to life and search for morally sustainable values. These are also the concerns of the crown chakra. Any imbalances in the crown may well indicate that there is lack of meaning to life or that our actions and thoughts are below what we consider to be morally acceptable. A crown chakra that is narrow and tight may indicate some form of fanaticism, elitism, being too hard on oneself or expecting to live a totally pure existence. If the crown chakra is too wide and extended there may be an undisciplined approach to spiritual development or a desperate search for answers to burning philosophical questions. A well-balanced crown chakra, extending in a firm  conical shape above the head, is a sure sign of an individual who is centred, in control of their life, and who is quietly and confidently walking their path towards enlightenment.

The crown chakra is harmonised by daffodil flower essence. Daffodil must rank as one of the most evocative of all flowers, gracing us with its presence in spring; a profound symbol of the promise of warmer weather to come. The shape of the bloom provides the signature of this flower’s connection with the crown chakra: its conical structure bears a close resemblance to the shape of the chakra. Daffodil is also a powerful and robust flower, echoing the power that spirit brings to our character when the crown chakra is fully awakened and harmonising with all the other charkas. Daffodil can be used to gain a greater degree of contact with spirit guides or other non-physical beings whose consciousness is reached through the crown. It is an excellent remedy to use when a higher perspective is required for it extends the consciousness through the mental into the spiritual bodies. Its connection with the crown gives daffodil the ability to make us more sensitive to intuitive work. Any form of self-condemnation affects the crown chakra, so daffodil is a remedy that dispels negative attitudes about the self. There is great joy about the angel of daffodil, reflected in the vibrant yellow of the flower, and this quality is transmitted through the essence.

Daffodil reduces blood pressure and stress, alleviates ulcerous conditions, strengthens the thymus, relieves extreme frustration and low intellectual capacities and is excellent is the treatment of manic depression and psycho-spiritual imbalances. 

Crown Chakra
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