Nasturtium Flower Essence – The Brow Chakra

This chakra is also referred to as the “third eye” or “eye of wisdom,” as it is the doorway  through which higher knowledge and intuition flow. The brow chakra is the source of our insight and inspiration and the chakra activated during clairvoyant sight. From these attributes it is easy to see why the brow chakra is connected to the eyes; it is concerned with physical and spiritual vision. Any distortions of physical or spiritual perception can  thus be treated at the sixth chakra.

The brow chakra is also the seat of intellectual power, the logical, rational and reasoning  mind. The questions “why” and “how” emerge from this chakra. Western culture places reason above feeling so it is not surprising that many of us have imbalances in the brow charkas. Over-active charkas are blown out, expanded too far and resemble a flower that has been fertilised and is just starting to wilt. A disciplined form of meditation, such as concentrating on the breath, is an excellent method of tightening up the brow. Headaches are a common symptom of overactivity in the brow chakra as much mental tension accompanies this imbalance. Conversely the brow chakra can be too tight or under-used which gives rise to such conditions as narrow-mindedness, blinkered vision, a sluggish mind, boredom and feeling intellectually inadequate.

The lesson of the brow chakra is awareness. The sixth chakra is asking us to look inside ourselves, examine our own inner workings, learn from the actions and thoughts of others, and assimilate and learn from the experiences of life that come our way. The brow chakra bestows the ability, sometimes overlooked, to step back and reflect. There is undoubtedly a rapidly increasing amount of information and knowledge to be accessed, which has the potential to broaden our horizons, make us more conscious, wise and cogitative beings. The current lesson of the brow chakra appears highly challenging as we attempt to integrate tremendous volumes of information in a balanced fashion, without over-extending the shape of this centre or conversely shutting down to preserve sanity.

Nasturtium is the flower essence to bring the brow chakra into a healthy state of being. Nasturtium is native to Peru but is well known and loved as a garden annual; red, orange and yellow flowers are a common sight during the summer months. Any closing down or over-expansion of the brow chakra can be treated with nasturtium. Those of us who study too hard and lack joy in life will benefit from the use of this flower essence. Obsessions and nervous compulsion will respond to the use of nasturtium. It can be used if the energies of the brow chakra are in demand, for example training, studying or cramming for exams. If meditation causes drowsy or spacy sensations nasturtium will correct the imbalances that are occurring in the brow as it also has the ability to reconnect us to the earth. Any eye disorders can be treated with nasturtium flower essence, as well as headaches and dis-ease in the nose and sinuses. Nasturtium also opens the pituitary chakra, acts as a mild tonic for the entire endocrine system, enhances the assimilation of B vitamins, and finally increases sensitivity to colour, making it a good essence to use alongside colour therapy.

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The second section covers the Extended Chakras. This information has previously been published separately, now it has been included into the main guide. Descriptions of five of the new or emerging charkas is presented along with information on the flower essences that balance these centres. The final chapter is a record of using these charkas and corresponding flower essences in conjunction with the major seven on patients. Line drawings are included of all twelve of the flowers used to make the essences.

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Brow chakra
£ 6.50 each Brow Chakra Flower Essence Nasturtium Flower Remedy

Nasturtium flower essence is used to stimulate open and unblock the brow chakra, in the centre of the forhead.  Typical indicators for the use of this flower remedy are:

Lack of awareness, narrow-mindedness, blinkered vision, sluggish mind, boredom, mental tension and over-activity, delusion, hallucinations, fantasies. Physical dis-ease of the ears, eyes, sinuses and nose, cataracts, headaches behind eyes, endocrine imbalances.

By taking nasurtium flower essence the following positive attributes can be attained:

Intuition, clairvoyance, conscious awareness, creative visualisation and thought, inspiration, insight.

Dosage: 4 drops on the tongue, 4 times daily.

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