Passion Flower Essence – The Heart Chakra

The affairs of the heart have been the concerns of every culture, and central to our existence seems to be the principle of love. Our feelings of love are centred around the heart chakra. When this chakra is open we experience open-heartedness and unconditional love. A most important function of a well-balanced heart chakra is the ability to give and receive love. The heart centre is also the area of our subtle anatomy where the ability to love and nurture ourselves is found; if this can be achieved we attain a degree of emotional freedom which allows us to express our sentiments openly. Every culture is also filled with the suffering of love’s madness – a broken heart, rejection and the loss of love. Perhaps the haunting condition of love, in both its emotional and spiritual aspects, is central to our being because the heart chakra is the central chakra, balancing the three lower and three higher charkas. The heart chakra could be considered to be the “heart of the matter”.

When the heart centre is not functioning properly the quality of love is going to become twisted or distorted in some way. Not feeling worthy of love, resentment that others are receiving more love and attention, fear of showing affection to the point of becoming emotionally paralysed, using negative energies such as anger and hatred as a substitute for love, and the grief and sorrow that result in a broken heart are all indicators that all is not well in the heart chakra. The lesson emerging out of the heart chakra is that of letting go. On an energy level, our heart or love connections to others, places, objects, ideas and beliefs are cords growing out of the chakra and attaching themselves to that which we love. These attachments are so very powerful that often if becomes almost impossible to unhook ourselves. Being over-protective, possessive, emotionally obsessive, and being unable to forgive and let go of past resentments or sufferings, are all pointers to blockages in the heart chakra.

The physical parts of the body connected with the heart chakra are the heart, lungs, bronchial tubes, entire circulatory system and the immune system. Any dis-eases in these areas will arise out of the heart chakra being blocked in some way. The flower essence to treat the heart chakra is passion flower, opening the heart to the spiritual qualities of love. This vine acquired its current name from the Jesuit priests who sailed to the New World. They discovered in its signature the whole passion of their saviour god. The three stamens resemble the nails used for the crucifixion, the petals are like the crown of thorns placed on Christ’s head, and the ten sepals represent the disciples minus the two, Judas and Peter, who betrayed and denied. Christ is the universal principle associated with the heart, and Christ Consciousness is heightened when this flower essence is used. It is the essence to use if there is long-term emotional pain that has not yet been released. The passion, the suffering of Christ flows through the angel of this flower, bringing universal healing and peace directly into the area it is needed, the heart chakra.

Any individual who is opening up spiritually will benefit from the use of this essence as it helps assimilate and stabilise the experience. One further use for passion flower essence is as an aid to sleep; it promotes deep sleep, eases nightmares and helps in the remembering of dreams.

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