Red Dead Nettle

The Sacral Chakra

The second chakra, like the first, has an important part to play in our ability to remain and function within the physical plane of existence. The sacral chakra is the seat of our sexuality. The area of the physical body in which the chakra is located contains the reproductive organs, the means of perpetuating our species. Sexual energy and activity figures prominently in our lives, some might say excessively, and there are many different ways in which we can experience the incorrect flow of our sexual energy: confusion around sexual orientation, sexual abuse or disempowerment, sexual frustration, guilt, obsession and feeling sexually harassed are but a few. All point to the sacral chakra not functioning properly.

Creativity is associated with the sacral chakra. The inability to bring our creative ideas  into form or a lack of creative and inspirational thoughts suggests a blockage in the second chakra. This chakra has a strong connection with the element of water, which means any urinary dis-ease needs to be addressed at the sacral level. Water is also the element of emotions, so if we are either feeling too dry and serious or overly emotional, look to this chakra. Power, control and manipulation are key issues of the sacral chakra. The desire to dominate and control the lives of others is suggestive of the chakra being too wide, one might say bloated.

Those of us who are prone to the use of emotional blackmail have unbalanced sacral charkas. Sexual power and politics work from this chakra. All desires to be superior and possess power and control over our sexual partners sit in the sacral chakra. Money too is associated with the sacral for it is an extremely powerful tool we can use to manipulate and control situations to our own advantage. Any issues of a financial nature will affect this chakra. We need look no further than the news stands to see that sex, power and money are issues we are strongly drawn towards.All the charkas have a magnetic quality, attracting and repelling energies from the universal field, yet it could be said that this is particularly strong in the sacral. The polarity is extreme, for our fascination with sacral chakra issues is also accompanied by repulsion too; the vast majority of taboos and secrets are found in this area.

The sacral, along with the root, are the centres where the unspoken is stored. When we “sit” on things, bite our tongue, hide our true feelings, repress what we really feel and believe, the two lower charkas are the areas in which this type of energy is stored.

The flower essence to unblock and balance the sacral chakra is red dead nettle. Its name comes from the fact that it is a relation of the white dead nettle, a plant closely resembling the stinging nettle. The red dead nettle is much smaller, growing close to the ground. It is a very common plant, able to survive on most soils, and tolerates shade as well as full sun. The flowers are two-lipped, a hooded upper lip and a three-lobed lower lip. It flowers virtually all year around, especially during mild winters.

Red dead nettle has a strong healing quality upon the sacral chakra and is able to help us release the deep emotions often stored in this area for many years. Creative blocks will respond well to the use of red dead nettle. It is also a very good remedy for any insecurity that arise out of the second chakra issues.

There is a long and powerful history between humanity and the angel of red dead nettle that started on the ancient continent of Lemuria. Lemuria is better known as the Garden of Eden, the place of innocence we inhabited prior to colonising the continent of Atlantis. The angel made itself known to humanity at this time to help in the assimilation of knowledge as we became more awake and wise to the ways of the world. There are
parallels here with the episode of tasting the forbidden fruit, perhaps a rather negative interpretation of our need to know.

The angel of red dead nettle made further contact at the height of the golden age of Atlantis. During this Atlantean era there were souls for the first time in positions of great power and control over people, similar to the pharaohs of Ancient Egypt. Red dead nettle helped both the souls who exercised power and the souls who were subject to it come to terms with their roles. It was later used as a powerful healer during the great epidemics that swept over the continent of Atlantis.

A Guide to the Chakra Flower Essences : A Workbook To Accompany the Chakra Flower Essences

This is a revised and expanded edition of the guide first published in 1995 - much more information for the same price. The book is now in two sections. The first part covers the theory of the seven major charkas, dowsing, the nature and qualities of flower remedies, and the flower essences that stimulate and unblock the chakras. Additional information has been added to the original text drawn from a further years of healing and teaching about the charkas.

The second section covers the Extended Chakras. This information has previously been published separately, now it has been included into the main guide. Descriptions of five of the new or emerging charkas is presented along with information on the flower essences that balance these centres. The final chapter is a record of using these charkas and corresponding flower essences in conjunction with the major seven on patients. Line drawings are included of all twelve of the flowers used to make the essences.

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