Sage Flower Essence – The Solar Plexus Chakra

The chakra in the area of the solar plexus creates, transforms and directs the energy of the subtle bodies into patterns that allow us to feel in control of our lives, possess self-esteem and self-assertion. Power is also an issue of the solar plexus chakra, but in this case it concerns our inner sense of power, how powerful we feel as an individual. When this chakra is functioning properly we feel self-empowered. If this chakra is not functioning properly we are likely to feel out of control, weak and enfeebled or prone to becoming the victim. Disempowerment is a highly frustrating state, often resulting in depression or anger and aggression.

Power strongly affects the solar plexus and sacral charkas, so it is not uncommon to find both of these charkas in need of balancing when too much or too little power is being experienced. In fact each chakra forms close links with its nearest neighbours. An issue from one chakra can spread into the higher or lower chakra as it affects more of our being. For example, if the heart chakra is stimulated by love for another there comes the time when the throat needs to express this quality to the other person.

The energy stored in our solar plexus chakra is the type which will make us challenge perceived injustices, whether towards ourselves or others. If the chakra is weak there is every possibility that we are going to be walked over or that we will keep quiet rather than stand up and be counted. Any person or institution wanting to dominate, take control of our lives or subjugate us in any fashion, will on an energy level, be working on weakening our solar plexus chakra. Being able to take responsibility for our own lives and make the necessary choices are important functions of this chakra.Each chakra contains a facet of the life force. In the solar plexus chakra it is that of vitality. If we are not sparkling, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, the solar plexus is not functioning correctly.  Confidence is another quality generated in the solar plexus, as is the gut feeling of intuition.

Sage is the flower essence that has a therapeutic impact upon the solar plexus chakra. As the name of the chakra implies, the solar plexus, network of the Sun, is the boiler house where the fuel is taken and transformed through combustion into the appropriate energy. Hence the solar plexus regulates the all-important digestive process. This occurs not just on the physical level but also within the non-physical area of the chakra. Energy entering the human energy field is digested in the solar plexus chakra and distributed to all the other parts. Sage essence helps regulate this process, which when not functioning properly can lead to a general lack of vitality.

Herbally, sage is used for indigestion and other digestive disorders and this therapeutic quality is transferred to the flower essence, which can be used for the same complaints. The whole of the digestive system is augmented and the production of digestive enzymes is regulated when sage essence is taken. Stomach ulcers are a common complaint eased considerably by this flower essence. It can also be used as a laxative. The fire of the solar plexus can also cleanse. All the rubbish is thrown on the fire where it is destroyed and no longer causes a threat to health. The leaves of sage are ritually burnt for purification, the smoke fanned over the body and through the aura. Within the body the organs of purification – liver, pancreas and gallbladder – are also connected to the solar plexus chakra, so sage flower essence is beneficial for weakness in these organs as well as for any purification process. Use sage essence during any dietary changes to aid the cleansing that invariably follows. High or low temperatures may well respond to sage essence.

Sage means wisdom and the angel of this flower offers us this quality. Sage flower essence bestows the ability to draw wisdom from life experiences, to review and survey the processes of life from a higher perspective. Sage can be taken when we need to draw a spiritual dimension into our being. This essence also brings the quality of laughter.

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