I have been taking a number of Simon’s flower remedies for some years now and am happy to report on my experiences.  Some do exactly what the brochure says – and are very helpful for occasional use – but what I want to talk about are the life-changing ones.

Years ago, following a series of traumas, I lost my previously normal good health.  I felt generally below par, had very little energy, no stamina, and one of the worst symptoms was that I simply could not get warm.  I was bitterly cold even on a hot summer’s day, even wearing winter clothes.  Work was a problem as I really only had energy enough for 4 days and felt quite ill by the 5th.  I spent the weekends recovering from the week and always had to spend at least part of the holidays in bed.  One of the hardest things was that nobody understood it.

I tried everything – doctors, healers, acupuncturists, homeopathy – but nothing worked.  I think, probably like may other people, I was suffering from something not really understood or treatable by Western medicine or knowledge.  I finally went to a medical psychic who could immediately see what the problem was – a totally blocked base chakra.  She said this accounted for all the symptoms and suggested acupuncture.  This had failed but at least I knew what to aim for and yes, Simon’s root chakra remedy is the only thing I have had so far which gives me life-giving warmth and general life enhancement.  It is also, surprisingly, very helpful for meditation and for me more so than all the other chakra remedies put together.  I also find the earth star remedy very good and the Energy Boost which stimulates the meridians.  Also vascillious for ‘pull out all of the stops’ times.

I am very grateful to Simon for his knowledge and enterprise in developing these remedies since they have made such a difference to me – but I also want to say if there is anyone out there reading this who has had similar experiences to me, take heart and keep trying.  The understanding of these things is growing and you should be able to find help if you keep looking.

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