Hello Simon,  I have just placed another order with you & once again PayPal insist on adding - 2c - to my first address line. This does not seem to happen often, just occasionally & I have no idea why.
Anyway, I wanted to thank you for sending out my previous order so quickly.
Perhaps it is too early to draw any conclusions yet, but I do feel a positive result using the flower oils & the PTSD spray. I have M.E./fibromyalgia with frequent, severe neuralgic attacks lasting 5 -7 days on average, sometimes longer, never shorter!  These attacks sometimes almost tip me over the edge & normal medicine is unable to treat or cure me. I am a firm believer in essential oils, herbals & flower remedies, though I do not seem to have such a good result when using standard homeopathic treatments. I am becoming increasingly panicky when these attacks occur & am plagued by unwanted thoughts flashing through my mind. Some are from my past but they all disturb me.
I do not want to 'muddy the waters' so to speak, so today, I have added only what I feel I need now.
I will wait a month or so then reassess. A lot of pharmaceutical drugs are effective when I begin to take them, but rapidly lose that effectiveness. 
Forgive me for going on so,
Many thanks


I am in a little bit of a quandary here.  I have finished my bottle of PTSD, & whilst or because it has been so effective (along with the flower oils I selected) in helping control the 'monster'  - which is what I call the muscular/neurological pain attacks I have to endure, I was wondering if perhaps I could/should try something else, something also for past feelings of guilt, sorrow etc. However, today is the second day without PTSD & I have to admit to feeling quite rattled at present.  I have some Bach remedies which I make up myself & yes, they do take away the edginess short term, but my initial purpose in trying your remedies was to try & find/treat the source of my problems. 
I hope you do not find this request rude.  I am quite happy to pay for any advice you can give me.


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