Hi Heidi, I hope your keeping well..
I’m sorry I don’t have a cheque book, tbh I’ve not had one for years and neither has the wife but I’m happy to call back on Monday and speak to Simon if that’s ok and I can make payment through the site. Thank-you for the flower remedy too, I’ve noticed a significant difference with my daughter(who’s 6) and as a fellow medium I’m familiar with working with Spirit but I must say that Simon’s dowsing and remedy are brilliant ! She looks forward to taking the supplement and her overall energy and wellbeing has settled down lovely. Don’t get me wrong she’s a wonderful child but I could see she was having some difficulties and her EMF reading was sky high compared to my own and the rest of the family. Needless to say she’s not experienced those frustrations or burn-outs since she started the treatment and just seems to be very much more content in her own skin – wonderful stuff !

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