Hi Simon

Hope all is well with you.

Just wondering whether it would be possible to dowse for some remedies for my husband.  You last dowsed for him in May 2013 and I have given details of the remedies you sent him below, although this probably isn't relevant.  He has suffered from high blood pressure for a long time now (over 15 years) and it does come under control but then rises again at certain times, as it has now.  He isn't on any conventional medicine as he prefers to try to control it by alternative methods - diet, meditation, healthy weight etc etc.

He took the remedies below in May 2013 and by December 2013 was able to clear something which had been hidden deep inside since he was a child.  I'm not sure why I am contacting you now apart from his blood pressue has risen again, but do feel that it is time for some more flower remedies which he said he would be very happy to try.

I look forward to hearing from you.

These are the flower remedies I dowsed for your husband:
Andryala flower essence is very useful for Inner Child healing, particularly when the joy and spontaneity of life is being crushed by the weight of adult responsibilities. Andryala helps us greater appreciate the simple pleasures of life and put is more in touch with our desire for spontaneity and play. When we feel more child-like our body responds.
Lilac flower essence is an extremely important remedy for the back. It works upon all the chakras which are connected to the central light column that equates on the physical level with the spine. The Physical Indicators of lilac flower essence are back pain, spinal inflammation, pinched nerves in the spine, solidification of the vertebrae, lack of flexibility in the spine.  Lilac also works on a symbolic level when we shoulder too much.
Oregano flower essence is the remedy of release. When we release we give up control and influence. This essence allows us to see with more clarity that we do not have to hold on, we can surrender the reins of power to something beyond ourselves.
Passion Flower flower essence for the Heart Chakra - centre of love. Indicators overly protective, withholding love - a closed heart, lack of sympathy, loneliness, depression, grief, self-blame, guilt, bereavement. Physical dis-ease in bronchial tubes, lungs, breast, heart, entire circulatory system, strokes, blood clots, thymic atrophy, weak immune system.
Borage flower essence for the emotional body

Water Violet flower essence. Quiet, self-contained but aloof, folk with a tendency to withdraw from social circles and functions, loners, difficulty experiencing the rich diversity of human life.
I hope I have managed to write something of value, if you want to order these remedies in a combination visit the Practitioner Page

Love, Simon

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