Hi Simon,

Thank you so much for dowsing for me and dedicated your time. I am delighted with the results and fascinated with how accurate they are. Every single one of them is me. I actually had a great affinity with blackberries of late as well as sunflowers. I am looking forward to the healing they will all provide and feel they will help me a lot. 
With regard to Californian poppy and Daffodil and what you said about these and spiritually opening, I can really relate. It is spot on and feel they have come at just the right time. I even have been planning to get into crafts and creativity again. I think Moon Star is very much me as I have always felt a deep saddess and depression since being young. It is not always there, I am happy most of the time now but in my past there has been a lot of hardship and i do believe that some of this could have been related to my past lives as well as in this life. I agree with what u said about my maturity and being able to deal with any deep issues it may bring up.I love the sound of the seed essences you have included also. I am happy for you to include all of the remedies you listed.
I love flower essence therapy and the philosophy behind it. It's so simple and holistic. I admire the work you do and the way you describe the different flower essences on your website and publications. It is very interesting and so easy to understand. It makes you think how we just need to tune into nature, see what each flower looks like and what it is telling us. 
I am happy for you to go ahead with making this. Would u recommend a 30ml or 100ml? 
Best wishes,

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