Almond Prunus communis

There is beauty within each of us. This inner beauty projects life-enhancing qualities into our total being. Its presence, amongst other things, produces vibrancy in the eyes, a healthy hue to the skin and sheen to the hair. When we sense our own attractiveness, we radiate our inner beauty , and this is not only important to our overall well being, but also our ability to heal ourselves. Social conditioning has led us to believe that beauty is associated with success, confidence and good health, while ugliness is synonymous with failure, low self-esteem and poor health.

There are those amongst us who are not in touch with our inner beauty. The way in which they present themselves not only reflects their poor health but self-image too. They may well harbour feelings of self-disgust and hatred and a difficult relationship with their sexual nature. Since they have forgotten how to love themselves, they no longer believe anyone can love them. To express and appreciate beauty is a core or fundamental aspect of human nature. When this is not happening the purpose of life can fade, which in turn creates major confusion and disorientation.

Suggested uses for Almond

  •  to make us feel more beautiful and confident
  •  to renew, refresh and revitalise attractiveness and libido
  •  at major times of transition, such as becoming a mother or reaching the menopause; when women feel less attractive and insecure
  • to help us with the ageing process
  •  for the stresses, tensions and confusions created by pubescence or early traumatic sexual experiences.

When the quality of inner beauty is active an energetic impulse infuses the whole of the human aura, radiating well beyond the confines of the personal energy field. Inner beauty is one of the qualities that causes the aura to glow, rather like a light bulb. Almond flower does not directly influence the source of this light rather it recreates within the subtle anatomy the conditions created by the radiating light. In effect, almond essence invites our inner beauty to shine forth.  

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