Andryala Andryala integrifolia

Children heal rapidly and instinctively. In their unhappiness we witness them withdrawing, sucking their thumb, reaching for the comfort blanket, crying, cuddling a toy, shouting for their mummies, rocking their bodies forwards and backwards. Their emotional responses to wounding are fully exressed: anger, frustration, confusion etc. are all displayed without shame. Incredibly and miraculously they quickly bounce back, forgetting the traumas as once more their eagerness to continue the adventure of life becomes the most important thing.

Within adults this basic self-heal mode is still present: we cuddle a hot-water bottle, seek comfort foods, smoke cigarettes, hide under the bed covers, fantasise about another reality, watch television to take our mind off the problems. However, the instinctive inner child healing mode within us has faded, even lost or forgotten in certain of us. We are not prepared to scream and stamp our feet because we have to act in the proper grown up manner; there is no mummy to run to; those impulsive, and very healing child-like responses to pain have been tempered by age.

Suggested uses for Andryala:

  •  to reconnect more fully to our inner child
  •  when we become too serious, weighed down with adult responsibilities
  •  to allow ourselves to be guided by our inner child
  •  to appreciate the simple pleasures of life
  •  to help us laugh, be more spontaneous and playful
  •  when we have forgotten what it is like to be a child.

The signature of this flower essence is very strong: the plant is covered in soft white hairs that resemble the furry down on young animals. Furthermore, the colour of the flowers is that pale lemon yellow, traditionally used for baby’s clothes.

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