Asphodelus microcarpus
Asphodel resonates with that part of our consciousness that stimulates our capacity to make moral judgements over the nature of right and wrong, good and evil. It is therefore a useful aid when we are placed in situations where we are confronted with such situations. Asphodel softens that harsh and uncompromising line between the two polarities, helps us to discern the light within the darkness and the shadows cast by the light. It allows us to see and better understand why the light is not always white. During our endeavours we all make mistakes. Best intentions can cause disorder and damage. Asphodel is available to help us connect with our inner compassion so we do not feel so bad about ourselves, indulge in self-blame and guilt. This state of mind can also be projected so Asphodel is also indicated for anyone who is unfortunate enough to be standing in the firing-line. Use Asphodel when blame is being thrown around. It is particularly useful when we are being accused by another, when we become the focus of someone else’s polarisation of consciousness.

The Asphodel folk are those amongst us who are quick to take moral decisions and define others as wrong, bad, evil or dark. They fight for the high moral ground by portraying their “enemies” in as poor a light as possible. They are the ones who take up the crusades, pursue witch-hunts and look to blame others when things do not go as they would have liked. Asphodel is useful in the process of forgiveness for it helps in the realisation that set backs are a necessary part of a much great unfoldment than we can comprehend.

Suggested uses for Asphodel:

  • for blame, guilt, shame and anger directed at self or another in the process of conflict resolution
  •  when there is spiritual fear - fear of the devil, evil, the dark side of life - when the shadow is confronted
  • when the finger of blame is being pointed
  •  to trigger our inner compassion - forgiveness
  •  as a powerful cleanser - for purging
  • the physical indicators are accidents to the eyes and the top of the head.

The angel of Asphodel has formed an important relationship with the shadow side of human nature, the part of our nature we do not like, are ashamed of and hide from the light. At night the angel will emerge from the shadows cast by the flames of our fire to prove to us that there is light and goodness in the darkness.

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