Bougainvillaea Bougainvillaea spectabilis

We all walk a path of our own choosing, regardless to what degree we are prepared to acknowledge this fact. We use words such as karma and destiny to describe our ‘raison d’etre’, our reason for being on Earth. For some the ‘calling’ is very strong and well-defined, while for others a weakness in the direction they are moving is felt. This is a spiritual wound which manifests as lack of direction, ambivalence and difficulty to commit. Those who suffer in this way are amongst the first to give up when the going gets tough as they see little reason to endure any hardship if there is no purpose. Guilt is an emotion which is often mixed in with this fundamental doubt. The healing methods of nature need to be brought to the roots of those who display this type of suffering for they do not feel they have a big enough stake to commit fully to their incarnation on Earth.   This spiritual crisis can often manifest as a lack of desire to be in the physical body; if there was another option the choice would be not to be born in physical form. Many have carried this wound through from previous lives, so deeply ingrained in their psyche is it.

Suggested uses for Bougainvillaea:

  • to address the deepest issues of being here on planet Earth
  • for those who display hesitancy in their progress and development
  • for longstanding, persistent problems
  • for stiffness and rigidity on all levels of being
  • for deep tissue massage
  • for those who are not committed to getting better - they may regularly miss appointments
  • when all else fails.

The vibrational impulse of bougainvillaea penetrates very deeply into the subtle anatomy. This makes it an excellent remedy to use on deeply ingrained dysfunctional energetic patterns. This type of negative patterning is almost certainly carried through from previous lives and initially manifests in early childhood. It is often the cause of longstanding or chronic physical complaints. 

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