Cape Sorrel

Oxalis pes-caprae

We attract people into our lives through the signals we give out. Our physical language towards others can be subtle but is always visible. However, there is much we give out to others that is invisible, emanating from our subtle anatomy. Often we attract similar types of people into our lives without any conscious intent, reliving relationship patterns time and time again. Cape Sorrel is a remedy that addresses some of the dysfunctional patterns we are using subconsciously to attract closeness and warmth into our lives.

Suggested uses for Cape Sorrel:

  • when doubts are frequently experienced in major relationships, “Should I really be with this person?”
  • for those who seem to have no or little luck in their relationships, always ‘hitching up’ with the ‘wrong’ person
  • when a sense of exclusion is felt, being on the outside, not loved deeply or properly enough
  • for those who blow hot and cold in relationships
  • if there is a desire for greater intimacy in relationships
  • for those who consider that they love too much.

The signature of this remedy comes from three sources. Firstly, the leaf comprises of three separate leaflets that are strikingly heart-shaped in  appearance. This indicates a connection  with the emotions of the heart. Secondly, the funnel shaped flowers close into tubes when out of the sun, creating two strikingly different impressions of the plant. Here the suggestion is a heart energy that continually opens up and then closes down. And thirdly, this plant was introduced to the Mediterranean from the New World in about 1807. It infested the region within fifty years and continues to be a major agricultural weed. Carpets of yellow flowers can be seen in orchards, vineyards, olive groves and waste land from November through to May. As with the quality of love emanating from the heart, this flower has the desire to spread everywhere.

extract from our book


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