Cardoon thistle is the remedy for those of us who hold within our minds a deeply held belief that we have been grievously wronged. On the emotional level this manifests as a deep and bitter resentment; this is more often than not directed towards someone that we love. There is in this state of consciousness an unwillingness or inability to forgive. This fixed state of mind and emotion means that those who require this vibrational impulse have become stuck in their painful memories, unable and unwilling to let them go and move on. This state of consciousness does not respond particularly well to the passage of time, so even after many years the resentments can feel as fresh in the mind and heart as if they had occurred only yesterday.Those amongst us who are proud and arrogant are more likely to find ourselves in need of the remedy for this resentment arises out of a wounded ego: we have had our pride injured, our fragile egos pricked. "How dare I be treated in this manner!" There may well be a desire for an unreserved apology and an acknowledgement of the pain and suffering that has been inflicted. The feeling for some form of revenge may also be present to help bring equality to a situation that is perceived as being totally unjust. The resentment simmers underneath the surface and is liable to erupt at stressful or sensitive times.

Cardoon thistle works on those who have been offended to the very core of their being. The depth of the wound results in the emotions closing down to protect from further injury or insult. Therefore within the Cardoon state of being the heart has closed down and emotional expression is inhibited to a certain extent. It can become very difficult to talk about the resentments and when expression does occur there is a sense of being temporarily unburdened.

Suggested uses for Cardoon:

  • for those who have been grievously wronged, insulted to the core of their being
  • for a deep and bitter resentment and anger
  • to help us forgive
  • when painful memories haunt and keep the wounds from healing
  • for injured pride
  • when revenge is sought
  • to open the wounded heart to the transforming power of love.

During the intense heat of summer the blue flowers of the Cardoon thistle bring colour to the arid landscape of the Alentejo, southern Portugal. Its traditional use is as a rennet, curdling the milk in the making of goat's cheese. This thistle displays a very powerful life force which is transferred to its vibration impulse. It has a tranformative energy that has the power to work at the very core of our light body where our life force resides. In this part of our aura we energetically erect our strongest defences; the life force in Cardoon penetrate these barriers.

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