Christ Thorn

Pallenis spinosa
Those who require this remedy need to be more practical, pragmatic and realistic in their everyday life. The Christ Thorn folk tend to let their minds slip away into daydreams or other realms of reality. They prefer to escape the realities of this world for those that they find in their own imaginations or the imaginings of others. Christ Thorn is a powerful essence for earthing high vibrations in the physical body, so helping the mind  concentrate more fully in the present. Christ Thorn folk tend not to be properly grounded or fully present and therefore do not act and work with much efficiency and effectiveness. Their minds tend to wander onto “higher” aspects of life because they have much less interest in the mundane. When they are forced to concentrate on the “lower” aspects they quickly become fatigued.

Christ Thorn is a remedy of protection. Within the Christ Thorn personality there is also an openness or  vulnerability to outside influences: the Christ Thorn folk are easily persuaded, often too easily. Their vulnerability makes them the natural prey of those deploying unscrupulous practices. The vibrations of Christ
Thorn help considerably on all levels of being to protect from negative influences entering our personal space.
Furthermore, this remedy has a centering influence. It can be used when the varied demands upon us conflict to such an extent that we are unable to act. We would benefit from Christ Thorn in complicated and fraught situations that demand many skills and different approaches. Often the Christ Thorn folk find difficulty in staying in their centre when such situations arise. They so easily loose themselves amid the turmoil going on around them. Christ Thorn will not only help to close down to their discordant environment but pull them back to their centre.
Suggested uses for Christ Thorn:

  • when we find ourselves wishing we were somewhere else
  • to help us focus our thoughts and actions more effectively
  • to protect us when we are too open or vulnerable to outside influences when we are being pulled in different directions at the same time and unable
  • to stay centred.

The vibrations of Christ Thorn act as a transformer, stepping down the high energies of the Light as they enter our subtle anatomy so we can more readily accept and work with them. Christ Thorn’s strong protective quality arise out of its signature: the sepals which surround the yellow composite flower are thorn like, adding considerably to this tough plant’s ability to protect and survive in a variety of situations. The angel of Christ Thorn protects and nurtures the creative spark. The angel cups its hands around our flame to prevent the wind weakening or blowing it out.

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