Cyclamen Cyclamen persicum

Everything moves in circles, lesser or greater, and is renewed and refreshed in its revolution. The cyclic nature of life means that we not only become more acquainted and familiar with the processes of growth and evolution, but more wise and pragmatic, as opportunities arise again and again to learn from repeated experiences. We are fortunate that the cycles of life allow us to profit from our emerging understanding. Those who are in need of cyclamen seem to miss out on this type of learning. Some simply do not learn from their mistakes, repeatedly making the same errors. Others are unable to break the negative cycles they live within, either unaware that it is their own destructive patterns which keep them in a state of pain or dis-empowerment, or are unwilling to address these self-destructive tendencies.

Suggested uses for Cyclamen:

  • when a specific treatment needs to be repeated several times: it keeps the healing energy fresh and vital and facilitates the treatment’s gradual penetration to deeper levels
  • for those who are repeatedly making the same mistakes in their lives
  • to help break the destructive cyclic patterns caused by an addiction, or when there is a strong urge to repeat an act which is already understood through experience to be counter-productive
  • to help in the assimilation of knowledge which will be useful at a future date
  • on those whose illness is cyclic in nature, seasonal, monthly or daily
  • as a hair tonic
  • for any type of dry skin condition, or open wounds which are not healing properly.

Webs of light exist at all levels of the human aura to organise and distribute the flow of energy and form boundaries in which energy is contained and structured. These fine webs hold the sum total of our experiences from the present as well as previous lives. The vibrational impulse of cyclamen is a powerful stimulant to these webs.

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