Those displaying the Eucalyptus personality traits are well aware of the spiritual dimension to life and the importance of a spiritual purpose or calling in their own lives, for they are sensitive and gentle folk. They have a strong desire to serve, help and improve the situation of those around them. They are willing servants to causes that aspire to virtues in accord with their own. Although they are well aware of their own calling, they lack the confidence to commit fully and feel comfortable within their role. The support, validation and guidance of others is so very important to them. They have strong desires for enlightenment, insight, higher inspiration and guidance. However, they are forever thirsty because they believe the amount they receive through personal revelation is insufficient to give them strength and confidence in their own abilities; their inner landscape is spiritually arid. Since they so often feel that they can not manifest these qualities sufficiently in their own lives, these folk are strongly attracted to those who can. "I wish I could be like that." They can so easily forget their own faltering calling to follow a more dominant one belonging to an individual or group. The willing servant within them and their admiration for others who display the attributes they believe they do not sufficiently possess means that they are in danger of losing sight of their own calling and become dominated by service, duty and responsibilities towards others.

Suggested uses for Eucalyptus:

  • for those who do not feel there is sufficient truth, light, inspiration and guidance in their lives
  • for those too influenced by others - hero worship
  • to help us break free from restrictive or negative thoughts and practices that do not serve our higher self
  •  when the message from our heart is at odds with our duties
  • for those of us who sense an insufficient connection with the spiritual source of life
  • to help us experience more fully the spontaneity in life
  • when we lack the vital spark in life, and need more inspiration and magic
  • when we need a guiding star in the seemingly vast expanse of the unknown
  • to heal the wounds of separation after a traumatic episode
  • to allow our heart a greater influence in the affairs of the future
  • use at times of major transition.

The shape of the Eucalyptus flower is a great part of the signature of this flower essence: it resembles a bursting star. Within the light body the vibration of this particular essence is to create "star bursts" within the upper layers of the Soul Star chakra. This has the effect of opening and strengthening the connection between the Soul Star and the Stellar chakras. The high spiritual energies contained within the Stellar are then able to flow more freely into the lower chakras. The increased integration of the life force within the subtle anatomy gives rise to Eucalyptus's use for freeing the lungs for improved breathing.

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