Euphorbia spinosa

“We all come from the Mother and to her we shall return, like a drop of rain flowing to the ocean.”

The life-giving and nurturing womb which we leave upon birth is something we continually seek to replace through the acquisition of securities and comforts. We may no longer be able to cry like a baby or call for our mother, but we still feel the need for the presence of the mothering energy close at hand. It is useful to acknowledge that at stressful times, such as a period of ill health, part of our consciousness is naturally attuned to the Great Mother for comfort and nurturing. Since there is a strong desire to feel the closeness of this quality at such times, anything that can be given to help fill this need will nourish our healing considerably.

Suggested uses for Euphorbia:

  • to enhance the gentle yet firm qualities of nourishment and nurturing
  • when we are feeling vulnerable or fearful in any way
  • to foster a secure and safe space for healing to take place
  • for those who do not look after themselves properly, for example, show signs of poor personal hygiene or health care
  • for anyone with an eating disorder, or who is unable to nourish themselves properly on any level of being
  • for those who have problems with their own mothers or being a mother themselves.

When broken, a milky white sap oozes from euphorbia. This is one of the signatures of this plant which points to its connection with the archetype of the Mother. With this plant making such a strong connection to the mother, the effect of its vibrational impulse is to draw light from the Universal Mother into the subtle anatomy. Energetically the needs and desires euphorbia addresses appear in the aura as empty spaces. The use of this flower oil helps fill these gaps with the nourishing milky white light emanating from the Cosmic Mother.

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