Hibiscus rosa
Each of us creates our own individual and unique reality. This we call truth and seek its validation and consolidation from similar outlooks and beliefs in the outside world. Trust and belief in our personal reality is not only crucial to health and well being but greatly influences our direction, purpose, and very existence on Earth. Those in need of the healing of this particular flower essence possess an exaggerated sense of their own importance and their own view of reality. Truth is something which is not negotiable. These Hibiscus folk may well have an inflated sense of importance, subscribe to a religious doctrine preaching elitism or be overly enthusiastic to the point of fanaticism about some aspect of their life. In extreme cases they can become totally absorbed in their own world, unable to understand or appreciate another’s point of view. Often there is much discontentment with the world at large as it does not live up to their idealistic expectations.

Suggested uses for Hibiscus:

  • when an individual is deluded by a world of their own making
  • for those who talk in terms of absolutes: good and evil, black and white, right and wrong
  • when personality traits such as pride, arrogance, selfishness, selfobsession and egotism are pronounced
  • for those who are unwilling to admit mistakes or weaknesses, justifying actions which are plainly inexcusable
  • for those who see themselves at the centre of an intense drama and expect others to be as equally interested
  • for those whose self-obsession leads to isolation and loneliness
  • on parts of the body subjected to swellings and inflammations.

The ego resides at the centre of the subtle anatomy; we feel its presence as “the will to live”. The ego feeds upon the universal life force which it draws from the peripheral layers of the energy field to the core of our being. However if the ego over-feeds upon the spiritual fire it becomes bloated and engorged. If unchecked the ego can expand to fill the entire energy system. When massaged into the body the vibrations of Hibiscus fuse with the life force and are then drawn into the central ego core to bring the healing of nature to this wounded area.

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