Hotentot Fig Carpobrotus edulis

We all create our own reality, surround ourselves with physical structures and emotional, mental and spiritual patterns which not only support our view of reality but allow us to live harmoniously, to prosper and feel contented. There are times in our lives, however, when these structures of reality are seriously challenged.  This challenging of our own understandings and beliefs can be caused by many factors. For example, on the physical level the aging process forces us to grow and change our perceptions of life at such times as puberty and the menopause. Treasured possessions can be stolen, lost or broken. On the emotional level a shock can create a reality shift, force us to rethink our life, its value and purpose. Sudden death or bad news may force change upon us. Shock, of course, can last for a long time, coming out of us over months or even years. Mentally and spiritually we are challenged at such times as the "mid-life crisis" and coming to terms with a major set back. There are times on our life's journey when we reach cross roads, the old path has to be left and a new one embraced.

Suggested uses for Hotentot Fig:

  • when the sudden and unexpected occurs
  • at times of shock or trauma on any level of our being
  • when there is a breakdown in communication, when a relationship collapses
  • to aid the process of adjustment or readjustment
  • to help accept and assimilate a different reality
  • post traumatic stress
  • when we reach the crossroads.

The Hotentot Fig grows in large mats at the very margins of plant life, places such as sand by the sea, rocks and cliffs. This is part of the signature of this remedy for it is one of the "edge essences", dealing with an extreme state of consciousness we encounter when in crisis. Such states of consciousness are extremely important for our spiritual development, occurring at pivotal times in our lives. The very similar Carpobrotus acinaciformis also grows in mats, often alongside the Hotentot fig. The Hotentot flower is a uniform yellow from the very centre to the tips of the petals, whilst acinaciformis has red petals. It is this uniformity of colour which makes the Hotentot essence concerned with different realities, for looking into the flower is like gazing into a another universe and this effect is not so pronounced with the two colours of acinaciformis.

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