Jerusalem Sage

Phlomis fruticosa
The easiest way to identify the Jerusalem Sage folk is through their socialising, they are well known and liked by many. These flamboyant individuals add much colour and good cheer to social functions. They possess the gift of good communication, with diplomatic and social skills which frequently puts them at the center of a large circle of friends. Most likely they will be dressed to be noticed, laugh loudly at jokes and talk with as many people as possible. They are rarely seen alone. They tend to be extrovert and generous, often to the point of extravagant. They have a natural confidence in social situations that manifests as a desire to impress and be noticed. Modesty is not one of their strong points. However, for all the warmth, generosity and good humor that they plough into their social life, they do not really possess close friendships where intimacy and trust can be openly and freely expressed. On the outside they may well appear to have many friends, but on the inside they are intrinsically lonely. Inside their heart is a dark and empty cave which they are reluctant to enter for it is so unappealing compared with the excitement of their outer social life. Consequently they prefer to spend as little time as possible at home. For those who have a family, domestic life can suffer, particularly when they are going through unhappy or stressful times. The more their home life is neglected, the more dark and cold it seems. They will not face up to inner unhappiness, for them a source of deep pain; neither will they dwell on their own suffering. They instinctively avoid this inner emptiness by looking for some form of diversion. They are restless folk in search of happiness, not from within but from outside stimulation and usually possess little or no understanding of how to fill the void.

People can also be pushed into the Jerusalem Sage state of consciousness through busy and demanding work that takes up a lot of their energy. Their work will follow them home and it then becomes more difficult to give attention to domestic life which can quickly appear tedious, boring and drab in comparison. Commitment to the home diminishes as commitment to the outer life increases.

Suggested uses for Jerusalem Sage:

  • when there is a split in consciousness or a lack of balance between the career and home
  • for those who neglect their domestic and family life in pursuit of outside interests
  • when outer stimulation, in any form, is used to hide inner emptiness
  • when demanding work and or social commitments are in danger of having a detrimental effect upon home life
  • for those who dread being alone
  • for those who run away from their unhappiness.

The vibrations of Jerusalem Sage strengthen our light body’s connection to the divine celestial source of harmony that permeates the universe.

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