Malva sylvestris

The Mallow folk are intense individuals, very much of the fire element. They live to feel inspired. They are proud of their passion and could be said to burn brightly and fiercely. Others are attracted to the light and heat that shines from them. They love to be pioneers, either leading the way or in the process of pushing themselves to the front. Creativity is an important, even crucial, aspect of their lives.

Fire dries: the Mallow folk are easily set alight which results in them being strongly self-motivated. The fire that burns so readily within makes them easily irritated and quick to anger. However, their heated emotions are like brush fires, intense but short-lived, so quickly die down; they easily forgive and move on. They are also hot-headed, rash and impulsive. They do not to look before the leap and consequently have a tendency to be accident prone. Although they are impetuous, acting quickly and decisively on gut feelings, their self-belief, charisma and “luck” usually sees them through. They freely admit to insufficient preparation and rush into situations without due deliberation. They have a youthful attitude towards life and are adaptable and flexible in mind and body. However, these folk do have a tendency to become obsessed or fixated on one thing in life. This may be anything from a hobby, an activity or sport, a relationship or a difficulty such as personal misfortune or a problem. The Mallow folk often take up a cause and attempt to live by their beliefs and ideals. They have to be very careful not to become over zealous or even fanatical. Their high levels of motivation and enthusiasm mean the Mallow folk are prone to stress caused by exhaustion through over work.
Suggested uses for Mallow:

  • for those whose reckless, rash or impulsive actions continually get them in some form of trouble
  • for excessive heat in the body, rashes, skin irritations, blisters, burns
  • to help us step back, rather than continue to move forward, to encourage reflection and gain a wider perspective
  • to help foster patience
  • for immature emotional reactions in adults when there is a tendency towards over-exertion and burn out.

As light radiates from the Source it is in a constant state of renewal; the eternal rebirth. And within every moment of birth there is the desire to pull apart and separate from the ‘parent’. It is this aspect of the Light that Mallow connects with. The essence of Mallow allows our light bodies to open fully to the movement created by birth and separation. Mallow therefore addresses certain dysfunctional energetic patterns within

Extract from our book

Oil and Water

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