Chrysanthemum coronarium discolor

Surrounding the use of this flower oil is the belief that there lies outside of us, above and beyond, a greater force which has the potential to heal. Many therapists consciously tap this spiritual reservoir of energy to aid their client’s recovery. The universal healing energy permeates every atom within the cosmos, is eternally present and can be used if conscious intent is applied. There is no one way in which this is achieved, each individual who is aware of this source does it in their own unique way. All forms of healing create vibrations within the subtle anatomy that are in harmony with this universal healing source. Margarita is a vibration which, when used, externally or internally, stimulates the spiritual healing energy and opens fully the channels which allow the flow of this energy into the personal aura.
Suggested uses for Margarita:

  • attunement to the spiritual source of healing
  • to bring a greater degree of acceptance to those who struggling to accept their situation and move more freely with the flow
  • as a flux to help the flow of energy throughout the whole of the subtle anatomy
  • to ensure in the blending of all oils or essences that a harmonious mixture is created
  • for depression but still searching for hope
  • for those who are in despair, at the point of giving up, lacking any hope of
  • regaining well being
  • universally, for any condition
  • as a massage oil for the feet

Botanically, Margarita is a member of the compositae family, the largest grouping of flowers. This is in part the reason why this flower has a universal application. Furthermore its botanical name, Chrysanthemum coronarium discolor, indicates that it is a variety, common in horticulture, but rare in the wild. Margarita is a variety of Chrysanthemum coronarium, whose common name is the crown daisy, suggesting that the energies of this flower are above or beyond those of the crown, the point of contact within the human aura for cosmic energies. The vibrational impulses of margarita stimulate the outer and more rarefied levels of the subtle anatomy to receive the spiritual outpouring which is constantly radiating down from the cosmos.

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