Reseda lutea
Those displaying the Mignonette personality are often cold, both physically and emotionally; they are in need of warmth. They perceive the world as an inherently unsafe place to live and are fearful in many ways. They have a tendency to become trapped in the small minutiae of life and have obsessive tendencies. Fear of open spaces is not uncommon in these folk and they tend to gravitate towards small and confined spaces which do not threaten their refined senses. Consequently, they work on a small scale, fearful of expanding onto larger canvasses. Their fear of expansion means they shy away from opportunities and therefore do not reach their potential. They also fear taking on greater responsibilities and so rarely do they fully grow into themselves.

There are strong artistic and philosophical leanings to the Mignonette folk The healing process or journey often contains the unexpected, with many challenges. We have to move away from the homely hearth. The Mignonette type of person is often fearful of their healing process, preferring to stay close to the hearth, in pain, rather than move away with the chance of better health.

Suggested uses for Mignonette:

  • for seeing the wider perspective, rather than the smaller picture
  • for timidity
  • for fear of open spaces
  • attaining higher perspectives
  • for those fearful of their healing process
  • for those who do not face up to their responsibilities
  • for those who do not grow into themselves
  • for those who do not take the opportunities that are presented to them
  • for those who fail to develop in their creative potential.

Our light body always maintains a space into which our life force/consciousness/energy can expand. We sense this space as longing and desire, a knowing that we are more than we are at present. The natural way of growth is for our light bodies to expand into these empty gaps, making us more experienced, rounded and complete. However, for some fear of expansion restricts their consciousness from working in this way. The effect of Mignonette upon the light body is identical to the shape of its flowering stalks, columns of energy extend up and outwards, thereby encouraging the rest of our being to follow.

These plants are like fires burning on the rough, stony hillside. The individual flowers are small, almost insignificant, yet when viewed collectively, on the flowering spikes of the bush, they are stunning. Mignonette asks us to stand back and view the situation from a distance, rather than close up.

Extract from our book

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