Moricandia arvensis
The Moricandia personality type is forceful and direct. They know their own minds and have very definite opinions on many issues. They have a tendency to see things in simplistic terms, considering all as either right or wrong, black or white. With such strong opinions, they can resort to telling others how to live their own lives and imposing their own opinions on others. They are particularly poor at taking the views and wishes of others into account when reaching decisions. Consequently these people rarely ask for advice as they are sure of themselves, having already made up their minds. They are prone to throwing themselves into projects, rushing into action without looking sufficiently before they leap.

This personality type has strong convictions and strength of character to live by their ideals. They often  become hot under the collar over pet or personal issues and their belief in their own convictions makes them excellent campaigners. They have difficulty accepting weakness and vulnerability within themselves. They often live life in the fast lane and set themselves ambitious targets. They can easily slip into tunnel vision, denying and restricting anything that they consider may divert attention from their desired goal. They are easily angered by restrictions that deny them a clear passage. Others may be speaking to them but they do not hear because their thoughts are so strongly concentrated on matters that are of self-interest. These folk act on instincts, impulses, desires and urges. Caution and fear are emotions which cause them to become quickly impatient. They are prone to accidents caused by rash or impulsive actions. The limitations of illness can be much more painful than the illness. They will endeavor to ignore an illness, try to run it off rather than take to their bed. Others may well describe them as having some sharp edges that need smoothing off.

Suggested uses for Moricandia:

  • to increase empathy and understanding towards others
  • to encourage more forethought before taking decisions
  • to help in the acceptance of limitations and personal weaknesses
  • to ease mental tension, obsessive tendencies
  • for shock and trauma.

When we think ourselves into the typical Moricandia personality, the movement of energy within the light body is affected: swirling motion is decreased as the energy moves more in straight lines. There is also less depth of movement and the energy does not so readily change its frequency. Overall the speed of movement in the subtle anatomy is increased. The influence of this flower's vibrational impulse is to slow down the flow of energy and spread it fan-like, thereby increasing circulation of fixed or rigid energetic patterns. The influence of Moricandia on the light body gives rise to this essence being indicated for shock and trauma. Moricandia frees the fixed energy patterns that occur within the light body at such times and therefore brings healing.

Extract from pour book

This spiral bound 87 page book gives full page descriptions of all of the 38 flower oils. The descriptions explore the personality types and universal principles that are associated with the oils and their parallel flower remedies. The impact of each oil upon the subtle anatomy is also described as well as down to earth suggestions on how each essence can be used. This is backed up with a complete cross-referenced Repertory containing 200 headings. There is also information on how to use them, how they are made, the genesis and background to their making, how they differ from essential oils, botanical notes

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