Verbascum undulatum
Life is an evolving process. There is always something new and different just ahead of us, a challenge, a blessing, an unknown possibility. A vast range of human emotion has the potential to be activated as we step forward to meet our future. The organic movement into the future is continually having to be met. This aspect of life is also found within the healing process: fresh and healthier impulses lie in the future, strung out like stepping stones across a river.

Although the instinctive response is towards better health, positivity, regaining balance and well being, there is a great deal of human conditioning passed on from parents, religions and social constraints which can impede this natural process. As with the stepping stones, the healing process contains an element of risk: the safety of one stage has to be relinquished before the next can be reached. For some the inability to make this movement forward, to embrace the new possibilities, is a serious impediment to their own recovery.

Suggested uses for Mullein:

  • on the first treatment to assist in “the breaking of the ice” and allow a greater degree of interplay between practitioner and client - it also allows greater benefit to be gained from the initial treatment
  • for those who have responded to treatment but no longer seem to be making progress
  • for those who display impatience in the length of time the healing process is taking
  • on those who know what they should be doing for their own health but lack the necessary faith or optimism or are trapped by mental and emotional conditioning and are unable to take the next step to improve the quality of their lives
  • when a fresh approach is required, the introduction of differenttechniques or concepts.

The energy at the outer edge of the subtle anatomy is rarefied, not unlike the highest strata of the Earth’s atmosphere. Reluctance to receive new impulses causes the aura to “crust over”, an energetic shell is formed. The tall spiked flowering stalks of mullein point to the vibrational impulse of this plant influencing the higher levels of the aura. Mullein creates the right conditions for the initial absorption of fresh impulses which filter down to the mental levels where discernment occurs and the impulses are further absorbed or rejected.


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