Oreganum vulgare
We come into the world with such a tenacious grip on life only to be forced to relinquish it at the end - we are born to die. We gain so much from stamping our imprint on life, controlling destiny, standing in our power, acquiring what we want. And yet in doing so we know it must all crumble to dust in our hands at some point. From a higher perspective we gain more strength through the adversity of loss, not less. All who seek healing come with their bundles of fears, anxieties and weaknesses. The relaxation any form of treatment offers allows them to put their burdens down, for a short time at least. The deeper their relaxation, the greater the depth the healing can reach into their being. However, there are those amongst us who are resistant to deep relaxation, fearful of moving their will to one side: their tenacity has turned to intransigence as they hold on, stay in control. They are frequently suspicious of another’s competence so may well lack trust even in their therapist.

Suggested uses for Oregano:

  • for those who are experiencing difficulties in unburdening themselves, crying or releasing pent up emotions
  • on those carrying a lot of psychological ‘baggage’ around with them
  • when we are unable to fully let go and relax into the moment
  • for those who desire to direct the therapist, keep their hands on the reins of power
  • at least once in a series of treatments for it will increase the depth to which the subconscious mind lets go to the healing process.

The vibrations of Oregano flower oil work directly upon the magnetic polarities within the human energy field. There are tens of thousands of these polarities subjected to constant rapid flux. Within certain areas of the subtle anatomy the energy flow between the polarities can become sluggish and possibly static at one or other of the poles. The aura loses its vibrancy, has a duller hue. On the mental and emotional levels this gives rise to such traits as reluctance to change, possessiveness, fixed opinions and the desire to own and dominate, while physically the body develops stiffness and rigidity. The flower essence works directly upon these affected areas, allowing the polarities to ebb and flow once more in a constant state of change.


This spiral bound 87 page book gives full page descriptions of all of the 38 flower oils. The descriptions explore the personality types and universal principles that are associated with the oils and their parallel flower remedies. The impact of each oil upon the subtle anatomy is also described as well as down to earth suggestions on how each essence can be used. This is backed up with a complete cross-referenced Repertory containing 200 headings. There is also information on how to use them, how they are made, the genesis and background to their making, how they differ from essential oils, botanical notes

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