Prunus persica
The Peach folk possess very gentle souls that can appear unaccustomed to the rigors of life in the physical body. It is almost as if the soul is in a state of shock, unprepared for the harshness of this reality. These people are delicate individuals who often display a large degree of otherworldliness. They have little interest in the more dense aspects of life such as heavy work or loud and brash noises, instead preferring all that is gentle and subtle. They are strongly drawn to the artistic, mystical and religious aspects of life. Escape from the prison of the physical body is always in the forefront of their thoughts and for this reason are prone to excessive use of escapist drugs. They find it difficult to leave a mark on life, are frequently overlooked and actively discourage interest in themselves. Perhaps at the core of their suffering is a reluctance to commit to living in the world into which they were born.

Suggested uses for Peach:

  • for those whose ideal and real worlds are poles apart
  • on apparently illusionary ailments
  • when we are in danger of fading away
  • for those who use drugs to escape the reality of their lives
  • at least once in a series of treatments because of its beneficial influence upon the etheric template.

The etheric template is the closest layer of the subtle anatomy to the physical body. It contains the energetic blueprint from which the body is formed. The vibrational impact of Peach blossom is to free blockages in this area allowing the life force a greater degree of access to the physical body.

Extract from our book

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