Pepper Tree
Shinus molle
Pepper is a highly appropriate name for this tree as every part of the tree smells of pepper, from the leaves, the bark, its resin and wood, to the red berries which even resemble the pepper corn we grind to season our food. The flowers too have a distinct scent of pepper which is transferred into the solarised water used in the
preparation of the flower remedy. These tall and majestic trees that came to Europe from South America  have been planted in many of the church yards, town squares and parks of Portugal. The excellent shade that they offer under their stately leafy boughs is enhanced by their peppery presence, so along with the cool
and refreshing qualities of this tree comes a subtle yet powerful sense of stimulation, excitement and upliftment.

Pepper is one of the two Trees of Service in this collection of flower essences, the other being Persian Lilac. The angel of the Pepper Tree is drawn to humanity for acts of helping, supporting and healing. (This is why they are found in profusion in public places.) Those in need of Pepper Tree essence have become exhausted in their attempts to help others. They may well feel despondent about a situation which they are unable to improve, especially after they have tried with all their heart. Often a sense of impotency is felt; their constant and loving endeavours of service seem to have brought little improvement and in their minds their work will most likely continue to fail.

The remedy is also indicated for those who display little or no compassion and empathy towards other sentient beings.

The archetype of the Green Christ shines through this tree. The Green Christ is the fusion of the Cosmic Christ or Heart energy of Love with the forces of Nature. The Christ principle is carried by the sunlight to the earth and infuses all of nature. In this combination we have a most potent healing force for the good. The energy of the Green Christ is captured in the vibrational essence.

Suggested uses for Pepper Tree:

  • to help us understand the needs of others better and how we can be of help
  • when we have become exacerbated in our endeavours of help others
  • to cleanse, support, uplift, invigorate and stimulate our life force
  • for deep healing that goes beyond our capacities to comprehend
  • as a protection for the aura from excessive sunlight and to improve assimilation of the spiritual properties of sunlight
  • to encourage growth on all levels of being.

The powerful life force of the tree can be seen expressing itself through its pungent biological essence that permeates all parts of the plant. The life force of Pepper Tree has a profound effect upon the life force flowing through our own light bodies.


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