Persian Lilac
Melia azedarach
We all desire to be of assistance to others, to help or heal in some form. From such acts we can derive a great deal of satisfaction, purpose and direction in life. Yet who is it who cares for the carers? When is it appropriate to stop thinking of others and start thinking about ourselves? There are those who come for treatment, only when they have depleted their vitality to such an extent through their endeavours to aid others, that they themselves have become ill. Often treatment is the final resort, a last ditch effort to get better: they have pushed themselves to the end of their tether by sacrificing personal needs and now their own bodies are crying out for some attention. Even when illness is finally admitted they will still think about helping others rather than their own recuperation. Personal recovery may well be viewed as important only so service to others can be resumed. It is plainly obvious that there are those seeking treatment who have to learn how to look after their own needs as well as look after others. Practitioners, too, can so easily fall into the trap of giving too much to their clients and not have enough left for themselves.

Suggested uses for Persian Lilac:

  • when we are continually putting others first, leaving little time for our own needs
  • when treatment is reluctantly sought and there is a feeling of guilt because there are others who are in greater need of help
  • when feelings of unfulfillment within their working environment is a contributing factor to poor health
  • for general stress and fatigue brought on by over or under work
  • for those who can not get fully in touch with the fundamental desire to be of help to someone else
  • as a massage oil for the hands.

The subtle anatomy of an individual who is fulfilled and balanced in their service to humanity shimmers like the sunlight reflecting off the sea. The aura is full of tiny star-like energy structures, resembling in shape and structure of Persian Lilac flowers. The use of Persian Lilac restores a healthy structure to this part of the subtle anatomy and therefore can be used not only for those who overstretch themselves but who feel less than fulfilled by their acts of service.

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