Pinus halepensis
There are those amongst us who bear their crosses with great fortitude, soldiering on with strength, courage and determination in the face of their adversities. They are not accustomed to asking for help as they have great inner resources to deal with their situation. However, there are times when these quiet sufferers turn the volume up and start to express their pain to others. The end of the road may be coming into focus, the point of feeling unable to take any more is fast approaching. They are coming to the limits of their endurance: desperation is starting to be felt. These quiet sufferers find themselves in need of help from others, yet their strength to hold on to the very end makes them instinctively dig deeper into their resources: there is always hope of future improvements, no matter how small. They may be able to tunnel out of the situation through their own endeavours but a stubbornness in their nature puts them in danger of digging themselves into a deeper hole, reaching a complete impasse. Although they hear their  inner cry for help they are unable to outwardly express it. Others are full of admiration for the way they deal with their life, unaware just how much they really are in pain.

For those of us who suffer in this manner, Pine aids in the acknowledgement that there is indeed a cry of help from within needing to be expressed. When we do let go and surrender to the higher healing forces, the healing of the flowers can be better assimilated. Pine accelerates a very important part of the healing process: the part where we move extremely close to a crisis, be that on the spiritual, mental, emotional or physical. This is the healing crisis, where we will break through or transform in some way.

Suggested uses for Pine:

  • to accompany the soul to their own personal "dead end" and stimulate the call for help within
  • when there is no where left to go
  • when there is nothing to hold on to
  • for a complete change or renewal of direction
  • to encourage communication during times of tension
  • for a heart closed due to much anguish and suffering
  • on those who are resigned to their lot in life
  • for extreme frustration and annoyance, verging on torture
  • to release tension that has built up over a long period of time.

Pine has a deep love for humanity. " I am here to help you, I always have been. I know and treasure your soul. in my presence.... eternal life." Pine flower essence carries a youthful and invigorating vibration. The ever-green, the resin, the aroma of the pine woods, which in spring are full of its pollen, contribute a great deal to the quality of this essence. Renewal is the core quality Pine brings to the subtle anatomy, through its invigorating, cleansing, youthful and fertile vibration.


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