Rock Rose
Cistus monspeliensis
This particular Rock Rose has white flowers and is a small aromatic plant, the leaves producing a bitter sweet resin.

Rock Rose is the remedy for those amongst us who consider that we would be living happy, contented, even blessed lives, but for one worry, concern, or seemingly insurmountable problem. It is almost as if one dark cloud, in an otherwise cloudless sky, is blocking the light from the Sun. This "dark cloud", which we are constantly aware of, can drain a great deal of the joy and excitement out of life. The problem is by no means minor or trivial but something major: illness within the family, financial or legal worries, personal concerns about health and difficult emotions in an intimate relationship are just a few examples of the Rock Rose problem that can so prey on the mind. Such a problem can at times take us to the very depths of despair and hopelessness and we fervently wish that it could be solved to bring life back to normal. Some days there is no or little thought about the problem while on other days a chasm can open up down which we fall to be consumed by familiar anxieties.

Suggested uses of Rock Rose:

  • to loosen the burden of worry weighing us down
  • to restore enthusiasm for life
  • to reconnect us to the mystery and passion of life
  • to help us find creative alternatives to that which seems unchangeable
  • to increase positive expectation in those who have become weary and cynical of the world
  • to dissolve deeply held anger, bitterness and resentment.

The type of problem Rock Rose addresses appears as small dark spots on the outer layers of the aura, which can be likened to wells for they penetrate very deeply to the lower levels of the subtle anatomy. The diameters can increase or decrease depending on the state of mind, yet within the Rock Rose personality they have become fixed or atrophied in the light body. The effect of Rock Rose is to stir or mix the energies of the aura so that these small dark holes are disturbed, washed away or deconstructed. Regular use of the remedy will prevent the holes from reforming.

Rock Rose also works upon the anger that so frequently resides at the base of these deep issues. The constant low level suffering created by worry and anxiety produces anger, bitterness and resentment which are found at the bottom of these aura wells: energetically this resembles a dark red sludge. As the vibration of Rock Rose energises the subtle anatomy and breaks up the structures of the dark holes, these balls of sludge float freely within the aura. Rock Rose dissolves these negative pockets.

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