Diplotaxis erucoides
There are those amongst us who do not know their way, their path through life. They tend to move around in circles rather than progress towards some goal or ambition. They have not lost their way because they are still trying to find it. They possess a great thirst for purposeful action, a strong desire to achieve and so therefore there is a great deal of  frustration in their lives. They do not feel as if they fit in. Although they lack direction they have plenty of ambition.  However, such ambitions tend to be highly idealistic and very unlikely to be attained. They reach for the heights but fall over because they are not sufficiently grounded enough to put one foot in front of another for any sustained period of time in order to walk up their mountain. They are not sufficiently aware, or not prepared to acknowledge to themselves, that ambitions are attained through a great deal of hard and dedicated work.

The Rocket folk possess a strong sense of the spiritual nature of life and interpret their desire for direction and action as a "calling". However, since they do not know how to progress, their souls feel empty, unfulfilled, idle, confused and not properly engaged with life. These people have not been able to prove themselves and lack the confidence to do so. They are quite prepared to talk about their longing to succeed yet there are scant signs of any action. Not knowing what to do means they do not have to try. They most likely gave up at their first set-back. They hope for a better future
but do little to make it happen.

Suggested uses of Rocket:

  • when there is lack of direction and goal consciousness
  • for unrealistic ambitions
  • to illuminate the path forward
  • to give hope when the going gets tough
  • for those who attempt to run before they can walk
  • to help ground the spiritual forces in the physical world.

Rocket energises the etheric layer within the light body in such a way that it has the effect of strengthening the connections between the etheric and spiritual layers. The strengthening of the connection between these two layers of the subtle anatomy occurs because the vibrations of Rocket cause the etheric to send out many shoots, rather like white rockets, through the emotional and mental layers into the spiritual bodies. This helps in the grounding of the spiritual forces in the physical world and the alignment of the mental and emotional bodies with the spiritual purpose.

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