Scabiosa stellata
The Scabious folk are identifiable by their earnest quest for information: they have questions and they are looking for answers. Although the search for knowledge, the desire to know about their illness or condition is an important dynamic within the healing process, it can become counter-productive if taken to extremes. The power of the inquisitive mind to rationalise the suffering can dominate and limit their healing on other levels of being. Such folk invariably ask many questions, going far beyond the confines of the practitioner’s knowledge and expertise and display a strong thirst to know and understand their condition and why it has arisen. They are agitated if they do not know and calm if they do. This dynamic within the client / practitioner relationship can become counter-productive to the client’s self-empowerment if undue emphasis is placed upon the practitioner to provide answers. Conversely there are those who have no desire to understand their condition, wishing to remain ignorant. This too is not a healthy state for the mind to adopt. These are the two extremes that characterise the Scabious state of mind.

Suggested uses for Scabious:

  • for those, through excessive inquisitiveness, are in danger of missing the central powerful healing of their therapy in their desire to know what is happening to them and why - a complete picture has yet to emerge and this needs to be accepted
  • when the client has too great an expectation of the practitioner providing answers to their questions
  • for those who are ignorant of their condition and have no or little interest in learning more but simply wants someone else to make them better
  • for headaches and mental tension: when the head is too full, pressure behind the eyes, throbbing temples, blocked sinuses, restless mind, inability to “switch off” - visualise the light flooding into these areas when using the essence
  • when the practitioner is confronted with a complex case history and is unsure where to start - Scabious helps enough pieces in the jigsaw fit into place so a useful course of treatment can be better discerned.

The vibrations of this flower are drawn to the mental areas of the subtle anatomy which have become too dense and intense. Scabious breaks up the heaviness in these areas, allowing the energies within the mental bodies to become more spacious, light and refined. The mental bodies are then able to rise up and once more infuse into the spiritual bodies.

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