Sedge Grass
Sedge Grass is the remedy for the anguish that is caused by an extreme state of mental pain. Such pain may have arisen in our life through a relationship conflict, an unfortunate event or something not going as we expected. We may have been snubbed by another or lost something important to us, perhaps a series of episodes have culminated in an event that takes us to breaking point. Whatever the outward cause of our mental suffering we become inwardly obsessed with our state of distress, unable to think of little else. We appear distracted, preoccupied, brooding on our misfortune. When we are in this state events are constantly reminding us of our emotional and mental pain, almost as if we carry an open wound on our body which is continually being brushed against.

This is an extreme state of mental pain or anguish in which our emotions have become heightened. We experience intense fear, anger, anxiety, disappointment etc. Our mental judgments have become clouded by our painful emotions to the extent that we are in danger of losing sight of fundamental humanistic principles such as courtesy, respect for others and the basic inherent goodness within each individual. We are likely to fall into the trap of viewing life in a polarised state of absolutes: good and evil, right and wrong; we wear glasses that reveal a landscape of blacks and whites, with no grey margins.

The Sedge Grass state of being draws from us a great deal of our vital energy. Consequently we become extremely exhausted when in this state of being and are prone to illness. It will lead us to the point of feeling we can not take any more suffering and any small frustration or setback is likely to place us back in the centre of the pain. We can feel as if we are on the edge, about to tip over into the dark abyss.

Suggested uses for Sedge Grass:

  • extreme state of mental pain and anguish
  • intense anger
  • a sense of being overwhelmed by pain
  • unable to think of anything else but our distress
  • polarisation in consciousness
  • wanting to throw everything out and make a clean start
  • emotional responses clouding mental judgment
  • frustrations errupting
  • "I can't take anymore"
  • fear of tipping over the edge into the abyss.

Within the light body the obsessions of this state of being create imbalances. These can manifest as a predominance of certain colours with a lack of their complementary or a concentration of energy on one side of the body and a lack of energy on the other side. It is the triangular stem of the Sedge which reveals its use to remedy this type of imbalance ,for its vibration brings the impulse of three into the aura and thereby disrupts the tendency for dualistic consciousness.

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