Mentha spicata
Those who display the Spearmint personality traits are usually difficult to get to know, for they tend to be aloof and reclusive. They are gentle, refined and delicate people who are usually thin and elegant. These people are not particularly interested in the materialistic side of life but the higher, artistic and spiritual aspects. Their purpose is to develop and refine their vibrations, reach for the higher and more evolved dimensions of life. They find the base, coarse, loud, brash, glitzy, uncouth aspects of life highly unpleasant and abhor rowdy behavior. They tend to eat little and lightly and can have intolerances to certain foods, dusts and harsh assaults upon their refined senses, such as loud noises. They prefer to live alone or at least with plenty of space around themselves. Physical contact is not particularly important to them and so can easily give the impression of being physically and emotionally cold. There is a powerful otherworldly quality about these folk so it is not surprising to find many have either taken religious vows or at least given the matter serious thought.

The Spearmint folk suffer because of their refined natures. They find the physical world too hard and humanity too base. They are sensitive to so much of the suffering that humanity inflicts upon itself and the rest of the world. They have a yearning to leave the harshness of this reality. They are continually reaching for the light and not prepared to look into the shadows.

Suggested uses for Spearmint:

  • to help us integrate the lower vibrations of life with the higher
  • when we have closed down and need to open up again
  • to lighten the load, break through to a higher understanding of our situation
  • to allow guidance from higher forces to come through
  • to help us be less affected by the mundane and everyday pollutants of life
  • for a sense of upliftment.
  • when we feel corrupted, poisoned, tainted or affected negatively by everyday things such as air or electro-magnetic pollution or any type of radioactivity.

Within the light body the initial impact of the vibration of Spearmint is to increase the energy within the major chakras. The energising of the major chakras stimulates the Soul Star above the Crown. The stimulated Soul Star then feeds all the major chakras below with a higher and more refined vibration. The overall effect upon the light body is to brighten and lighten the colours of the aura and strengthen the outer protective layer of the aura. Extract from our book


This spiral bound 87 page book gives full page descriptions of all of the 38 flower oils. The descriptions explore the personality types and universal principles that are associated with the oils and their parallel flower remedies. The impact of each oil upon the subtle anatomy is also described as well as down to earth suggestions on how each essence can be used. This is backed up with a complete cross-referenced Repertory containing 200 headings. There is also information on how to use them, how they are made, the genesis and background to their making, how they differ from essential oils, botanical notes

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