Linaria chalapensis
As we walk our path through life there are times when we enter places devoid of meaning. We miss all that has become familiar and all those whom we love. We may be distracted from this state by transitory interests but as soon as they pass we once more become aware of our sense of loneliness. When all else is stripped away the basic feeling is the pain of missing and wanting all those we know and love. It is a state of mind that continually haunts us as we face a perceived emptiness all around. All our desires compel us to return to the loving fold but our path leads in the opposite direction, deeper into the emotional desert. We are on a quest to gain greater self-reliance. The time to return has not yet arrived.

Suggested uses for Toadflax:

  • for states of extreme loneliness
  • at times when we are unable to be with those that we love
  • for love-sickness
  • on the emotional needy and clingy
  • when we are a long way from home.

When we find ourselves in this state our emotional bodies have weakened, collapsed to a certain degree, rather like a cake sinking after coming out of the oven. A gap is created between the mental and emotional bodies which gives rise
to the feelings of loneliness. Toadflax’s effect upon the subtle anatomy is like a raising agent. It lifts the emotional body, relieving the painful tension. This flower essence allows us to feel within our emotional body the warmth, closeness and support of our loved ones, no matter how distant they may be. Toadflax reminds us that in love there is no separation and enhances the flow of unconditional love between individuals.

Extract from our book

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