Things to Consider about Wearing a Face Mask

The wearing of face masks has been proven to be detrimental to health; this is well known and understood.  Over the years there have been numerous studies conducted on surgeons in hospitals. Recently they have been collated by Dr. Russel Blaylock, a retired U.S. neurosurgeon and author.  Because our exhalations cannot escape properly from the face the masks decrease oxygen in the blood and increase carbon dioxide. 

One of the consequences of this is that it raises acidity in the body making us more prone to any infectious disease, especially in the respiratory system.  It is well known that cancer feeds on acid.   Anyone with growing cancer cells, or precancerous cells should not cover their faces for any prolonged period of time.    

We have a whole flora of viral and bacterial life going on in our mouth and nose which are prime areas of our body where infection can enter.  The flora’s protective health-giving quality depends on us acting in a natural way and maintain a continuous flow of fresh air.  When this is interrupted by any material on the face this micro climate is disturbed making it a less effective part of the immune system.  The wearing of a mask actually does the complete opposite of what it is perceived to be intended for.  

Since there is a build up of everything that normally leaves the body through the airways one large gulp can take it down into the lungs.  People with compromised lungs increase their risk of disease by wearing a mask.

Wearing a mask also increases the respiratory drive, the heart has to work harder putting stress on the body, this is added to the increase in heart rate caused by the higher levels of carbon dioxide in the blood.  

Psychologically masks increase fear: they say I’m scared of you and you’re scared of me.  Many believe they should be not be worn by young children who rely so heavily on facial signals to form relationships.  They dehumanise us.  They are uncomfortable and may need constant adjustment which increases the incidences of bringing the hands, the main carriers of infections, onto the face which is exactly where we don’t want them as hand to mouth is the primary vehicle for infection.

However, perhaps the most stupid thing about the mask wearing custom, which has been made mandatory in many countries, is they offer us absolutely no protection from any virus.  Viruses are much smaller than the pores in any mask’s filter.  It’s akin to using wire fencing as your front door and wondering why all the leaves keep blowing in.   

The only thing that can be said in favour of wearing a mask is if we sneeze or cough water particles are prevented from being sprayed out and potentially infecting others.  This can be remedied in the old-fashioned way with a hankichief.

All this information may make you wonder why the health authorities are so keen/insistent that they should be worn when it is such a bad idea?  This is one question of many including: why are they falsifying death certificates?  why are they using a test that does not actually test for a virus but an immune response to multiple antigens?  why has the alternative narrative, scrutiny and challenge of the official line been censored from all mainstream media?

If they are seemingly getting it so wrong on this one small issue of face masks, could their other health advice about the management of the virus be faulty and detrimental to our health?  See what the consensus of 150 free-thinking doctors from around the world is on these important issues at the free platform of London Real.

If you still want to, or have to wear a face mask, go for a respirator instead.  These have an exhaust component to the mask and claim to be able to filter particles as small as 0.3 micron.  The FFP3 is one example.  Frankie, is still a bit smaller, 0.1 micron but the makers point to the fact that these particles are so small they don't move in straight lines through air, they are in fact so small they are deflected by electrons and protons at the atomic level, so the filters will catch more.  The only problem with this model is viruses, contrary to popular belief, don't travel through air.  Another option is to not get involved in the confusing mazes of arguments and counter-arguments but simply to cut holes in the mask so you can breathe properly and get on with your life.