Lunar Ash is for those souls who in a previous life were physically and or mentally abused in a close intimate relationship.

Lunar Ash is for those souls who in a previous life have been beaten by their partner or lived their life under the threat of such a punishment. Such souls will have lived under a permanent threat of violence and perhaps been subjected to it for long periods of their life by a partner wishing to dominate and control the relationship. These souls will have had their spirit crushed in this former life. There is much sadness, depression and dark heavy clouds associated with this remedy.

This type of karma manifests in the present incarnation in one of two ways. The karma may be repeated, forcing the soul to face up to personal responsibilities and not acquiesce to the abuse. In other cases the karma is reversed and the abused becomes the abuser. This remedy can therefore be used for souls who abused their partners either physically or mentally in a previous life.

This remedy does not address issues of incest within the family, see Lunar Alder. However it can be used alongside or instead of Moon Fire when in a past life parents have behaved cruelly and inhumanly to their offspring.

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