Lunar Autumn Crocus is for souls who, in a previous life, have lost their way and were unable to fulfill the promise of their destiny.

Such souls start life with ambition and drive, others expect them to make something of their lives, seeing their potential, their talents and drive yet these souls fall far short.  It can be like a fire that is lit then extinquished before anyone feels the heat of its flames.

There are a number of ways in which the soul may have become lost.  They may have been shy or lacking confidence in their abilities and avoided the opportunities that would lead them into dynamic positions of power, leadership or responsibility.  They may have had their ‘head turned’ which has distracted them from their true path onto one that leads nowhere and serves no one.  They may have developed some form of addition or obsession that wrecked their life.    

Souls requiring Autumn Crocus will have self-sabotaged in previous lives; this past life pattern means they are willing to slump too easily into victim consciousness.  They knowingly choose to dance to the rythms of failure rather than success.  It is this sense of failure or wastfulness of their life which scars these souls.

Such souls will most likely have spent many incarnations denying their true potential and looking for excuses to avoid connecting with it. 

There are simularitities between Lunar Autumn Crocus and Moon Dusk, for past life regret.  However, the karmic patterns of the crocus are much more deeply ingrained than those of Moon Dusk.

The yellow autumn crocus was created on Lemuria, along with many other plant forms, when they realised that at some point in the distant future their descendants would be subjected to illness and disease.  Many plants were encoded at this time with healing properties that would remain unused until there was need within a future population.  It was on Atlantis that the healing properties of this particular autumn crocus were 'discovered' at the time of the first catostrophic epidemics sweeping across the continent.

Astological indicators are squares to the Moon’s nodal axis with a prominent twelfth house.


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