Lunar Bell Heather

Lunar Bell Heather is for those who in a past life have had their natural expression of compassion disrupted to such an extent that the soul has become wounded. For this to happen some extremely traumatic circumstances must have been encountered, often during the years of childhood. Such souls, for example, may have been trained as child soldiers or coerced to act in other cruel, indifferent or inhumane ways. This would have the effect of forcing them to suspend, repress and deny their instinctive human qualities of tenderness, caring, sympathy, empathy and mercifulness. Many individuals would also have been treated severely and savagely in childhood and come to accept such behaviour as normal. Deep wounds have been inflicted on the souls of these individuals to will be carried through to future incarnations.

In adulthood, many souls at some point, during their series of incarnations, will have been conscripted or volunteered to fight in war. Normal humane nature had to be suspended to allow the monster chance to fight and survive. Many would have eventually died still carrying immensely traumatic unhealed images. Others would have gradually slipped further into depraved and barbaric acts that demanded less and less room for compassion and the other qualities that set us closer to the gods than the animals.

Bell Heather was intimately involved with the development of rational and philosophical thought processes on the continent of Lemuria. Its own evolution was stimulated particularly by the telepathic debate that occurred over core moral issues of human conduct. It was later used as a symbol by Atlanteans opposed to developments in their society they viewed as demeaning and degrading.

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