Lunar Bindweed is for souls who have in a previous life been aborted by their mothers from the womb. In the vast majority of cases, the soul is drawn to the womb through love. This aspect of love contains intense qualities of trust, honour and respect. The newly incarnating soul needs these qualities in order to be nourished and nurtured in the womb. If, for whatever reason, the mother abandons these qualities, rejects the love of her child and aborts the pregnancy, a deep wound is created on the souls of both parties. Those souls who have been aborted in a previous life may well have severe difficulties in close and intimate relationships. These may manifest as feelings of intense anger, fear, rejection, guilt or vulnerability. Such feelings may arise out of relationship conflicts yet may equally be present for no apparent reason. Such souls may be unable to fully trust those that they love, be more prone to abuse love and possibly reject too easily the love they so badly need. These are just some examples of how this karmic wound can manifest in the present incarnation.

Lunar Bindweed may also benefit those who have in their present life aborted a child. Bindweed emerged on the continent of Lemuria during some of the first disputes between individuals. At this time the separation of the sexes had not occurred yet these early conflicts had a great influence upon how the differences between the sexes finally developed.

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Healing the Past

The book contains all the detailed descriptions of the Moon Flowers and Environmental Essences, giving their uses in healing the karmic wounds carried through from previous lives.

As well as detailing the current healing use of each remedy the book presents the genesis of the flowers as they were created on the continent of Lemuria and the subsequent way they were employed by the Atlanteans. Two methods are given for taking the remedies.

A 12 page appendix discribes, through each of the lunarised flowers, how the soul works with the karmas of inheritance, transformation and transcenence.

Moon Flowers can awaken deep memories from the past, often blocked or repressed so they can be consciously acknowledged and released. They also work at a gentle and subtle level, easing the karmic knots which have become tightly bound and thereby facilitate past life healing.

The Sun is our celestial Father and the Moon our celestial Mother.

It is to the Mother these flower remedies are dedicated.

A4 format, 66 pages, spiral bound

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